Why Choose Axiom

Hello and welcome Weather you have been using us over the past few years and are here to  learn more or are just joining us for the first time I hope you like what you see and read, I know that I have put allot of effort into every word on the website. The word Axiom as defined by the webster dictionary is a statement that is truth. The word axiom incompusas the goal and vision that we have for this company.

Truth has many parts, there is transparency in everything we do. We hope and strive to give each and every customer all of the information and reasoning for each of our services and prices. We openly stand by our products to always be both strong and accurate as well as safe.

We also strive to be green of corse our machine is sucking out all of the unwanted material from your home and you can rest assure that we properly dispose of the contaminants to meet the California disposal laws.

Our machines are the very latest models and are well equipped to save water fuel and or electricity. We strive in every aspect of our business we can to  provide cautious and honest business practices weather or not they are observed because it makes a difference to us.