question: how often should i have my carpets cleaned ?

Answer: that depends on your usage how many people live in your home how often you have guests and how many and what type of pets you have. Typically we see our clients one to two times a year however if you have an above average of guests pets or children you may want to get on a regiment of every two to 4 months. we have many options for these types of situations and are more then willing to set up a custom plan for you where we come at a rate that is right for you and clean the trouble areas such aa cleaning only the traffic areas every 4 months with a full cleaning every year. carpet protector is also a great tool to keep your carpet plush and stave off the wear because it coats the carpet fibers strengthening them and forcing them to hold the optimal position for an extended amount of time. consult with your axiom professional and go over the best options for you we strive to be honest upfront and keep your clients best interests in mind in every service we provide.

Question: are your cleaning solutions harmful to my pets or family members?

Answer: axiom has from day one stood for honest and safe products. before we add a product to our line we make sure to go through vigorous research to insure that our products are safe. we provide the material safety data sheets (online) to anyone who is interested to know what our products are made of. it is extremely important to us as a company that we never put our customers and there pets in danger and our professionals as well by handling our products.

Question: how long will it take my carpet to dry?

answer: carpet dry times are one of the hallmarks of axiom floor care drying is our priority. Typically 4 to 6 hours In the summer and 6 to 8 hours in the winter For exceptionally dense thick carpet or for shag rugs and carpets It may take up to 24 hours.