Let it Shine... 

Brand new tile and fresh grout is a beautiful thing. But when life happens and theres a little less shine and that grout isn't quite the color you remember it being, give us a call. We can help restore your tile and grout to look as good as new. 




Current Deals

$0.75/ sq. ft.

Cleaning + Sealing
$1.25/ sq. ft.



Friendly and Knowledgable.

Today I had carpet cleaning and floor tile cleaning for my kitchen. Josh showed for the job. He is very friendly and knowledgeable on what he is doing.
The price is very reasonable and the service is good. I love to call him again and will not hesitate to recommend him to others. Thank you Josh for the the good service

— Cpr C.

Great Job!

Made an appointment with Josh and got a quote over the phone.  He showed up on time, did the work for the price as quoted and also did a great job.  What more could you want?

— Mike M. 

Really cares about customer service.

Definitely found my carpet/ grout cleaner going forward!  I decided to call Axiom yesterday based on the high ratings/ reviews I read from previous customers.  I spoke to Josh and he provided me with what I felt was a fair quote based on the description of what I was looking to get done.  He show up this morning ( on time may I add) and began the work.  I had 3 rooms, hallway, sofa cushions and kitchen tile cleaned.  Though our carpet was in pretty good condition, you could still see a difference with the end result, the tile grout was a challenge! We have been living here for over 4 years and we had never had the tile cleaned ( and I don't think the previous owners ever cleaned it either!) Josh was not happy with the initial results and decided he needed  stronger cleaning materials so he went back to his home shop ( which is not up the street by the way) to go get some different cleaners.  You can definitely see the difference now! Josh really cares about customer service and customer satisfaction, he is a family man and understands how important it is to provide a good job for a family home.  Highly recommend Axiom to all.

— Fernando L.