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Air Ducts are one of those things that are easily overlooked. Neglected air ducts can cause a list of problems including allergies and a poor circulating HVAC system. It is suggested that you have your air ducts cleaned every two years. If you or someone in your home has severe allergies or other medical conditions then once a year is recommended. We also offer an additional service using Probiotics. The use of Probiotics is extremely beneficial in protecting your home from harmful germs. 




Current Deals

Air Duct Cleaning
$250- up to 1500 square foot home, full system cleaning with Probiotic sanitization.

$350-  up to 3500 square foot home, full system cleaning with Probiotic sanitization.



So impressed with his honesty.

Josh immediately answered and listened to me explain the state of my carpet and tile.  He assured me the issues could be addressed with a deep cleaning with pet odor removal. I asked him if he could put a protectant on the carpet and seal the grout.  Again, he made me feel confident that this would be done well.  I also asked him about air-duct cleaning.  I have been having some serious medical issues and thought that contaminants in my ducts may have something to do with it.  He said he would send a camera into my ducts and let me know what he saw before scheduling this service.

When he arrived (on time!) he quickly looked at my ducts and told me they were actually great and that I didn't need that service right now.  Wow!  He could have so easily used a scare tactic saying that he saw all sorts of contaminants and of course I would have had him do this service as well.  When I commented to him how impressed I was with his honesty he just said that he is in it for the long haul, relies on word of mouth and doesn't recommend unnecessary services.  Needless to say I was so impressed!.”

— Jennifer R.

Highly Recommended!

I asked Josh to check out my a/c vents. He showed up 1/2 an hour early, cleaned 13 vents, redirected my fallen duct, & applied antibacterial treatment throughout the house. Now my whole house smells spring fresh. A scent ive never experienced before in my home. He worked extremely hard, in 100 degree heat without a/c. I would recommend him to anyone.”

—Yvette H.

I am so thankful...

AMAZING! First of all, he shampooed the carpets in my grandma's 3-br house, cleaned the hardwood floors (pergo floors), did the tile and grout in the bathrooms and entryway, and the vents. My grandma is not the cleanest person, plus she has dogs, plus her arthritis has been getting worse. All that together over 15 years of time means DISGUSTING! My husband is a CLEAN FREAK and hard to please when it comes to hiring professional help. He was more than happy with Josh's work. Even with the bad communication, Josh gave us an EXCELLENT deal on the job that he did in the house. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend him to any of my friends. I am so thankful I found him on Yelp.

— Maria K.



Breathe Better with Clean Ducts

Along with getting your Air Ducts cleaned on a regular basis you should also have your dryer vents checked and cleaned if needed.