5 basic cleaning life hacks


The sponge is an essential and powerful dirt busting tool you can find in kitchens all over the world. It can be your greatest ally, but if you’ve ever thought about what it’s holding onto that you can’t see ,you may start to think of it as your worst nightmare! For years we’ve been throwing these little devils away after the first couple of uses. The thought of spreading and keeping germs was just too much until I learned this little trick. Just two minutes in the microwave on high and all those little nasties are blasted to smithereens and a quick rinse brings it back to new again.

Pet Hair

Whether you have a cat, dog ,or even a guinnea pig, like my little mochi bear, there is one thing that can drive a pet parent mad. How do you get rid of all those little fine hairs off of your crisp white sofa without getting out the magnifying glass and tweezers? We dealt with this in our house hold for years until we learned this life saving life hack for all surfaces. A rubber squeegee blade or a rubber kitchen glove can scoop up that hair with very little effort. Finally there is a solution to the pet family’s sanity!

Metal Fixtures

Metal fixtures can add a great accent to your home but don’t let your guests get too close, no matter how often you clean them they seem to be the most attractive furniture in the room; and I’m not talking about just the way that they look. I’m talking about the dust. You practically have to have a live-in- maid to keep up with all that gray matter floating around the ether every day. Adding car wax to the metal fixtures in your home and then wiping them down will keep your fixtures repelling the dust for an extended period of time giving you extra time to sip a cocktail… I mean— clean the toilets… I mean— race back to the school to pick up those half humans… yay!

Freshening Up

You went to the Bath and Body Works candle day… You have a defuser in every room yet still, still—the house could use just a little extra, something. Fresh rooms can set the mood and give you the lift you need, like a pep talk or a pat on the back that tells you ‘yes i’m getting things done’. Taping a dryer sheet to an air vent will add a fresh sent to all of the rooms and energy to your soul!

Shower Heads

Have you ever woken up and jumped in the shower, turned it on, only to have it spray in your face or even the ceiling? Or do you stare at the shower head with all that white calcium and think how can something so dirty get me clean? The shower head is one of those pieces ,of equipment that does so much for us yet never gets a second thought years go by and it still works but it gradually gets gunked and clogged. you can clean a shower head with heavy duty nasty chemicals or throw it in a bucket with some vinegar but why even do that when you can just take a plastic sheet or bag fill it with vinegar and use a rubber band and slip it over the shower head while still installed vualaa problem solve