What to do When Your Kids Spill Kool-aid

Kool-aid can be one of the toughest stains to get out of carpet and furniture, as anyone who has attempted to get it out of clothing can attest. While things like bleach and color safe bleach can be an easy remedy on clothing, it is not so simple on furniture and carpet. The first step in any stain removal is always not to panic. Upon discovering the kool-aid stain, it is always best to use either a few paper towels or a white rag (make sure that it is white because with stains the color from the rag can transfer from the towel back into the carpet) do your best to blot the kool-aid up. Never scrub into the stain, this will only spread the stain and aggressive scrubbing may do damage to the pile of the carpet. Next, take about 8 oz of warm water and mix it with 1/2 teaspoon of dish soap (we recommend palm olive or fells naptha) and apply it directly on to the affected area using another white cloth starting from the outside of the stain and work your way in towards the center so that you don't spread the stain into other areas of the carpet. If you can still see the kool-aid stain at this stage then mix 2 to 1 water and white vinegar. Blot this solution up with a fresh white cloth. There is a second method in which after applying the laundry detergent solution you place a white cloth over the stain and then place a clothing iron set to a medium seeing in top of the cloth. The cloth is then heated and the color is extracted through the cloth. With either method take precaution make sure to test the area that you are working on and be careful when working with hot irons. One false slip and you can burn the carpet, creating a bigger problem than you started with. 

If the stains are stubborn and refuse to disappear give us a call we would be happy to help. While it is assumed that it costs a fortune to have kool-aid removed from carpet and furniture, our standard cost for a kool-aid stain is $20 add on when we are there for a cleaning service or you have us clean a minimum of three rooms. Our price is  $50 for a call to only have the stain removed (so if you're fed a huge price get a second quote) (626)344-7077